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About Zappar

Zappar is a UK technology company focused on immersive technologies, spanning hardware, software, accessibility and creative services. 

Zappar’s ecosystem includes; Zapworks, a complete XR platform for deploying rich 3D experiences to the web, including AR, VR and WebXR across handsets and headsets. 

Zapbox, the world’s most affordable mixed reality headset and Zappar Creative Studio, a global leader in delivering best-in-class immersive campaigns and strategy for the world’s biggest brands. 

More recently, Zappar launched Zapvision to make access to information on product packaging a basic human right by providing brands with a single Accessible QR code solution. 

This unique blend of solutions under one roof enables businesses to scale immersive experiences more affordably across different use cases, teams and devices. 

Top Augmented Reality Experiences 2023

From sports and entertainment to retail and education, we have seen augmented reality (AR) transforming how people interact with brands, products. This year we wanted to highlight some of the experiences we’ve loved.

What is an Accessible QR (AQR)?

Simply it is the single 2D barcode for your product packaging built for everyone, everywhere whatever their visual acuity.

AR Industry Use-Cases


Transform the way you engage with your customers in-store or online.


Turn your packaging into an interactive media channel.


Supercharge your marketing campaigns.

Learning & Development

Deliver cost-effective & engaging training.

Events, Tours & Attractions

Create unforgettable events, tours and attractions.

Product Overview

Zappar’s 13+ years in computer vision and their unique mix of software, hardware and professional services make them an ideal partner to guide you on your journey in immersive technologies.

Zappar Creative Studio

Since 2011 Zappar Creative Studio has been working with the world’s leading brands to plan and execute end-to-end AR campaigns that drive tangible business results. 

Their complete XR ecosystem makes partnering with their in-house creative studio unlike any other. Built on over 13 years of expertise working with the world’s biggest brands, it enables them to deliver the most diverse range of XR solutions for your business across technologies, devices and operating systems.


Zapworks is Zappar’s immersive technology platform. Zapworks is built for designers and developers of all backgrounds to create stand-out immersive 3D experiences for the web, including AR, VR and WebXR across desktops, handsets and headsets. 

Zapworks’ complete platform of visual tooling, developer SDKs and cloud hosting means you can power all your immersive web content with one platform..


Zapbox transforms your iPhone into a mixed reality headset. Zapbox boasts a range of features previously only seen on higher-end headsets, including high-quality, full-color pass-through similar to Quest 3, and two fully-tracked Bluetooth controllers that enable you to physically interact with digital content. 

Zapbox has a unique open-peripheral headset design that is light and comfortable to use and allows for maintaining greater awareness of the real-world environment than in enclosed headsets..


Zapvision is the app and SDK helping people who are blind or partially sighted access product information on packaging with a single, Accessible QR code. 

Zapvision’s Accessible QR solution and scanning technology enable a one-code solution that can be scanned and detected at 5x the distance of a standard printed QR code and is accessible to everyone, no matter their visual. 

Featured Work


 To help educate customers on the new VertuoPop+ and VertuoPop+ Duluxe coffee machines in an engaging and memorable way. Product visualisation at its best, Zappar Creative studio worked with Nespresso to create an experience to promote the VertuoPop+ and VertuoPop+ Duluxe coffee machines.

Beam Suntory

Zappar Creative Studio worked with Beam Suntory, Jim Beam and Teachers to create this AR experience to help celebrate those we appreciate most in life. Launched via a QR code on the receipt, you can send a specialized message to loved ones. 


Zappar Creative Studio designed this playful experience for H&M Kids for their store on Regents Street to create new and exciting ways to interact with H&M Kids customers and tell a powerful sustainability story.

This image tracked experience was launched via QR code on artwork across the store and once scanned children can enjoy playing the game and finding the recycling box.


Zappar worked with Legoland Windsor Resort to add a new interactive digital layer to the Legoland Miniland experience to increase engagement.

Miniland Missions is another exciting addition to LEGOLAND Windsor, once again showing the immersive potential of augmented reality. With this project, we’ve pushed the envelope, creating four AR ‘Miniland Missions’ for the kids and the Hero to complete.

Trusted By Leading Brands

"Zappar have been amazing to work with. The team are fantastic and solution focussed, even when met with difficult challenges. They strive to make experiences bigger and better and their way of working means they meet tight deadlines and adapt."

Ash Tailor - VP, Global Brand & Marketing, LEGOLAND

"One of the things we've really valued at H&M about working with Zappar's Creative Studio is the years of experience they bring to the table and their tried and tested 5 C's for Success methodology. Our teams worked really closely together on every aspect of the campaign from using the right CTAs to improve the user experience to getting our internal and external communication right to drive greater awareness and adoption. We really value our partnership with Zappar and sense of being a single team with shared goals."

Rikard Wikander - Global Head of Customer Experience, Kidswear, H&M

Why KSV & Zappar?

King Street Ventures "KSV" is an innovation consultancy based in San Francisco that advises Chief Marketing Officers at Fortune 500 companies. We bring the hottest startups in digital marketing, advertising, and customer experience to our clients.

Zappar?  Zappar has been creating AR / MR experiences between brands and consumers for well over a decade, and is a proven leader in offering both full-service digital agency solutions for AR and MR, in addition to products and tools that enable agencies and brands to build their own. KSV selected Zappar for its innovative work in creating accessible QR Codes, helping visually empared audiences read packaging at the point of sale.