Lending Solutions

Short-Term Lending For Growing Companies

Access to capital among small and medium sized agencies is incredibly important for covering business expenses and for financing growth. 

The payment terms among major corporations are simply too long for agencies to operate effectively. This is why we will offer a unique service to the fast-growing companies in our preferred partner network. 

Another way we support your growth at KSV.

Nick Fuller
Founder & CEO

Lending Services

Accounts receivable (A/R) financing - For (domestic, government, and international invoices) up to $5,000,000 a month. They may also review funding progress billing and milestone billing invoices.

Over advance financing - Custom fit to your company's needs using a combination of greater than 100% A/R advances via funding Purchase Orders and Contracts.

Assistance in vendor trade credit negotiation, contract procurement  - Through letters of financial commitment, and other support services (e.g. collections, strategic and business planning, etc.).

No minimum funding requirement - Giving your company the flexibility to finance as little or as much as you wish.  They are able to qualify and fund your company in as little as 72 hours. Consultations are free.

About Our Preferred Lender  

Founded in 1997, our lender's management team has provided over $1 billion in funding to hundreds of growing businesses. They have helped fund acquisitions and business expansions while also assisting in vendor trade credit negotiation and contract procurement. As a privately-held direct lender, they finance startups to companies with $100 million in sales, via a range of programs.

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King Street Ventures will refer you to meet our preferred lender. This company is not in any way affiliated with King Street Ventures, and our referral does not guarantee your business funding. Our lender reserves the right to approve or deny your company based on their own discretion and criteria. Our referral does not serve as an endorsement of any kind.