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A global community of independently-owned agencies

"We love KSV's enthusiasm for our WorkInProgress. It makes us feel proud to know that they genuinely appreciate and celebrate our work."
- Evan Russack - Co-Founder & Partner, WorkInProgress

Join A Global Community

KSV is a network of the world's leading, independently-owned agencies and startups. You will be among the companies that are building the brands of the future. We work together, share ideas, and explore new ways to grow.

Invest With Us

We scan the market for the hottest startups in marketing and advertising. You will be among the first to know about the startups that join our startup network and provided with opportunities to work with them and invest, through our King Street Fund.

Access Fortune 500 Companies

KSV offers consulting services exclusively to senior marketing executives at Fortune 500 companies. Join us and there is a possibility that we will recommend you to our clients, invite you to participate in client-facing workshops, capability presentations, and more

Less Pitching, More Opportunity

Our clients compensate us for our recommendations, not by throwing agencies into a competitive pitch. KSV has trusted relationships with Chief Marketing Officers which means that we will "bring you in" before the RFP becomes competitive.   

Faster Access To Funds

Major corporations are notorious for payment terms that are simply too long for the average agency. As part of KSV's preferred agency network, you will have access to our preferred finance provider. Visit Lending Solutions for more.

"Markets are being rapidly redefined. King Street Ventures is an incredible partner because they put the most powerful technology at the center of their approach."
James Bassnett - CEO, Shape Immersive

KSV Creates Spaces For Agencies To Tell Their Stores

KSV Is Where Marketers Come To Learn

KSV hosts events for corporate marketing and technology executives who are eager to learn from innovative, independent agencies and startup founders in our network. By taking part in KSV's community, your agency gains access to a platform that is built on knowledge sharing and innovation, as well as a receptive audience of brand-side marketers.

Sales-Free Event Opportunities

Unlike other event companies that charge hefty fees to become one of many sponsors, KSV limits vendor participation to only a few, non-competing companies. Because we do not profit from our events, the cost of sponsoring one of our events is the lowest of anywhere in the industry. Attendance is restricted to company owners and no sales executives are allowed.

Tell Your Best Client Success Stories

KSV is here to make your agency shine! This is your company's chance to educate and inspire the marketing community with your best work. There is truly no better formula for driving demand for your agency than to tell a success story in partnership with an advocating client in front of a live audience at one of our events. 

"KSV flips the growth model by generating demand for our services by providing a platform to highlight our best work and communicate our client's success stories."
Diego Molina - Founder, Popcorn Brain & Dead Pixel

Two Decades of Business Marketing & Growth Expertise

Nick Fuller - CEO & Founder, King Street Ventures

Nick Fuller

Nick has led business development and marketing roles for the world's leading advertising agencies and networks, resulting in millions in revenue generation.

Over $500 million in revenue generation
23 years in business development & marketing
28,000+ LinkedIn followers with senior marketers

"KSV's model of selling through inspiring content and vendor-free events creates an environment where brands are eager to meet and share with us."
Vikkal Parikh - Founder & Director, Ataboy Studios

Commonly Asked Questions

What Is King Street Ventures?

KSV's mission is to bring innovation to marketers faster than ever before, through our preferred startups and agency partners. We do this by selling consulting services and by making vendor recommendations. This means that the opportunities we generate are only the most innovative, challenging, and revolutionary. 

What kind of opportunities will you bring us?

We bring you in faster and earlier than traditional search consultancies. You may be asked to support a client-facing innovation session, attend a workshop, and/or submit a proposal. Opportunities range from project to retainers, across all aspects of marketing, advertising, and digital product innovation.

- Web3 strategy workshops
- Metaverse design and activations
- AR/VR digital production
- Loyalty & customer engagement
- Digital, performance media
- Creative and brand marketing
- Social media & creator marketing
- New product ideation and design

Are you an agency network?

No, we simply advise CMOs and recommend suppliers. King Street Ventures offers CMOs a solution to slow-moving consultancies and agency networks with traditional silos. Your agency gets to keep its equity while taking part in a network of independent agencies, consultancies, and startups.

How will you endorse our company?

KSV will provide your agency with unparalleled exposure from corporate marketing executives. If accepted into our preferred network, your company will featured on our website, in our social media posts and blogs, and be invited to attend and participate in events throughout the year. 

What kinds of agencies do you work with? 

Independent agencies with deep expertise in digital marketing, advertising, and product innovation. CMOs come to KSV for innovation, not television campaigns. Our agencies build in the metaverse, launch NFT loyalty programs, use artificial intelligence, design and build new products, and more.

What sets you apart from agency search consultants?

We could not be more different, nor do we view search consultants as competition. KSV is primarily an innovation consultancy. While identifying and leading RFI and RFPs is part of the job, our consulting team is tasked with advising and guiding all aspects of a CMO's decision making, rather than simply executing a search assignment.

"KSV was instrumental in enabling Imerza to host a webinar with our client, Walgreens. All we had to think about was the content and KSV did the rest including sourcing an audience of marketers."
Christopher Gonzalez - VP of Product, IMERZA