Corporate Innovation Council

Fostering Innovation Through Connection

A global community of corporate leaders united by a belief that innovation is the ultimate driver of brand strength and revenue growth.


Our Mission

We believe that the brands of tomorrow will be created and grown through innovations that are happening inside of startups around the world today. Our mission is to help global brands win marketshare through compelling consumer experiences that are powered by emerging startup technology.

New Member Announcements For February

Welcome Allyson Borozan

Allyson joins us from Bob's Red Mill where she serves as Commercial Growth Leader for the company with responsibility for brand marketing, innovation, R&D, customer service, sales, category insights across all Bob's Red Mill global categories (Baking, Breakfast, Snacks)

Allyson's expertise includes big vision creation combined with bottoms-up rigor, creating innovative marketing and product strategies, overcoming potential roadblocks, portfolio management, consumer insights, P&L management, and high performing team leadership.

Welcome Mariya Zorotovich

Mariya joins us from Intel, leading the venues and gaming business strategy. Her team accelerates Intel’s ability to understand the experiences of its customers, developers, and ecosystem partners so that Intel can deliver the best products, services, and collaborations necessary for industry transformation.

Mariya is passionate about helping brands deliver compelling customer experiences and achieve more through innovative solutions and digitally-enabled capabilities. She advocates for transformative results brought to vertical markets through artificial intelligence, data, and cloud technologies.

Welcome Jenny Oh

Jenny joins us from PepsiCo Labs where she leads emerging tech startup partnership development and investments. Jenny's focused on consumer-facing solutions and commercial partnerships in the areas of Digital Marketing, Retail, DTC and Foodservice.

With 20+ years experience in business strategy, operations and partnerships, Jenny can see the big picture, define strategies and then drive those great ideas into action and impact!

Featured Council Members

Andrew Reuben

Senior Director, Metaverse & web3

Ralph Lauren

Julie Selig

Head of Brand Engagement & Integrated Communications 


Julie Bowerman

Chief Marketing Officer


Fiona Glen

Head of International Marketing 


Mariya Zorotovic

General Manager, Venues and Gaming | Network and Edge 


Lesley Pinckney

Head of Marketing - Incubation & Disruptive Innovation 


James Gregson

Brand & Product Marketing - Lego Agency

Lego Group

Vince Pannozzo 

Global Marketing Lead - Sports, Entertainment & Innovation


Aynat Ravin

Head of M Live: Marriott's Real-Time Global Marketing Command Center

Marriott International

Jeremie Moritz

Global Consumer Engagement Sr. Director


Brian Chang 

Head of U.S. Digital Marketing & Innovation


Darran Snatchfold

Media & Marketing Innovation


Anna Jarman

Innovation & Emerging Technology (NexTech/GT3)

Walmart Global Tech

Giovanna Miranda

 Head of Media, Promotions, Brand Live Experience and Data Marketing 


Edwin Wong

SVP Insights & Innovation

Vox Media

Tom Waller

SVP Sports & Product Innovation


Jenny Zirinsky

Global SVP, Marketing, Communications & Media Transformation


Allyson Borozan

Chief Growth Officer

Bob's Red Mill

Ander Lopez Ochoa

Head of Digital, Content, Media & eCommerce Marketing - EMEA 


Andrea Port

Vice President Brand & Integrated Marketing


John Andrews

Retail Co-Innovation Director

Ricoh USA

Brian O'Toole

Global Director, Marketing, Innovation & Commerce

NBC Universal

Matt Sutton

Chief Marketing Officer

The Black Tux

Nareni Hourican

Global Head of Digital Commerce & Innovation


Fran Hazeldine

Head of Marketing, TV & Mobile Services


Brajendra Yadav

Vice President - Omnichannel Strategy & Digital Innovation


John Iaia

Head of Global Strategic Alliances and Partnerships - XR (AR/VR) & AI (CV)


Jenny Oh

GM PepsiCo Labs, Tech Venture & Innovation 

PepsiCo Labs

Kamal Bhandal

VP of Brand and Consumer Marketing

Align Technology

Dina Fierro

Senior Vice President, Web3 & Metaverse Group


Rodrigo Cunha

Head of Performance Marketing


Andrew Eis

Head of Global Tequila Marketing & International Development

Beam Suntory

Malc Miller

Concept Manager, Future Experiences


Nitin Mathur

Chief Marketing & Digital Transformation Officer

Analog Technologies

Agustina Sartori

Senior Director, Innovation 

Ulta Beauty

Michelle Pacynski

Vice President, Innovation 

Ulta Beauty

Mentorship & Investment Advisory

Shayna Fullarton

 Innovation & Marketing Strategy 

Fortune 10 Company

Blake Cahill

Former SVP Head of Digital Marketing & E-Commerce at Philips


David Chávez Cáceres

Former Vice President of Marketing

Walt Disney Company

Ilana Rosen

Former Director of Strategy & Innovation

Old Navy

Ivonne Kinser

Founder & CEO

Vantage Innovation Lab

Bob Sherwin

Former CMO at Wayfair, Board Member, & Advisor.


Lara Shackelford

Former Head of Product Marketing, Industry Marketing, Sales Enablement


Keith Weisberg

Former Group Ad Platform Director


Tyler Simmons

Former VP Strategy & Innovation, Head of DTC


Adriano Torres

Former Senior Director, Global Marketing, Nutrition

The Coca-Cola Company

Sarfraz Nawaz

Former Director of Product, Digital & Data Science.

Johnson & Johnson

Kathie Feng

 Senior Manager, Media & Digital Marketing 

Fortune 50 Company

Our Global Community

We are a global community of corporate technology and innovation executives from Fortune 100 companies. We are limiting participation and membership is by invitation only.

A private cocktail reception among c-level corporate innovation and marketing executives during CES 2024 at the Nowhere Lounge inside of the Fountainebleau Resport.

Join us in Austin during SXSW for our annual corporate innovation summit. Meet and network with other KSV Council Members and learn best practices for innovation from the leaders who are driving change inside of Fortune 500 companies. 

Your Window Into The Future

Our members have the exclusive opportunity to meet, mentor, and invest in early-stage startups that are building technologies and services that are shaping the future of how brands are created and grown.

KSV selects only the best companies in any given emerging category or technology. Startups must possess proprietary technology, demonstrated ROI, and experience working with other major brands before they recieve recommendations to meet our Council Members.

Membership Overview

Member Benefits

There is nothing quite like the feeling of having just met the Founder of company that you know will be huge one day. Our members gain early access to the hottest startups in marketing, advertising, and digital experience.  

What members receive:

Application & Criteria

Membership is by invitation only and is limited to senior marketing and technology innovation executives. Selection and participation is at the sole discretion of KSV. If you would like to join and meet the criteria, please write us at

Council Member Code of Conduct

KSV Council Member Code of Conduct

King Street Ventures values diversity of thought, openness of new ideas, and mutual respect among all members and guests. Our council is designed to create a space where corporate executives, startups, and investors are able to freely share and learn without fear of recourse.

Active Participation Is Strongly Encouraged - Our community is only as valuable as the ideas expressed amongst our members. Therefore, your contribution of thoughts and ideas is strongly encouraged.

No Aggressive Selling - Our members and guests agree that they will not engage in aggressive sales tactics, including mass emailing our council members, or other behaviors deemed to be overtly promotional. Acts of aggressive sales tactics may result in your removal.

No Sensitive Information - Any and all information that our members share in our forums or in email (monthly meetings, events, etc.) is at your own risk, and we encourage you to only share information that is relevant and is not deemed sensitive to your employer.

No Divisiveness or Negativity - Criticism of any kind, either with another member or with a founder will not be tolerated. Offering our founders constructive feedback or suggestions should be done in a positive and respectful way.

*Failure to abide by these codes of conduct may result in being removed from our council. 

"KSV listens to our needs and focus areas and only connects us to solutions that are right for our business."

Julie Selig
VP, Brand Engagement

"KSV bridges the gap between startup innovation and our brand by finding relevant solutions that help us reach our goals."

Andrew Reuben
SD, Metaverse and web3