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KSV offers consulting services exclusively to C-level executives at Fortune 500 companies. Join us and there is a possibility that we will recommend you to our clients, invite you to participate in client-facing workshops, capability presentations, and deal flow meetings. 

Participate In Our Events

Throughout the year KSV will host events at the largest and most important technology and marketing conferences in the United States. Join us and you will have the opportunity to take part in networking opportunities, speaking engagements, and more. We also host a series of virtual pitch events where we invite executives across Venture Capital, Corporate Innovation, and C-Level Management.

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Our LinkedIn newsletter is read by thousands of marketers. Our Founder's LinkedIn profile is followed by over 27,000 executives around the world. Join us and we will mention you in our thought leadership, social media posts, and do our best to champion your company.

Maintain Your Equity

Gain all of the upside to KSV's relationships, growth services, and exposure with C-level executives while keeping 100% of your company's equity. You only compensate KSV for opportunities that we generate for your business. It's a free growth engine that lets you remain in control.

Mike Zayonc
Co-Founder at Kodif

"Working with KSV has been helpful as they've been able to connect us with relevant customer experience leaders who understand the value we provide around automation and AI."

Chelsea Hall
CEO at ViralMoment

"KSV understood our business and the value we bring to brands. Because they have trusted relationships with corporate marketers and knowledge of what they are looking for, they were able to connect us to companies who were eager to meet us."

Shashank Singh
CEO at Bakstage

"KSV knew our business, saw the opportunity, and provided us with the access we needed to grow."

Ajay Bam
CEO & Co-Founder, Vyrill

“KSV gives startups access to a network of proven marketing leaders, matching them for mentorship, feedback, prospects and conversations; helping us dramatically speed our growth.”

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Send KSV a short overview of your company and website and we will review your information and contact you to schedule a meeting if there is interest.

We are unable to respond to every submission. Your information will not be shared outside of our organization. Thank you for your interest in King Street Ventures.

Pitch Your Startup for Charity

Pitch your startup today by recording a short, 30-second video about your company. KSV will review your video and contact you if there is interest in having you join our community.

For every submission that KSV receives, we will make a charitable donation. To learn more and submit your video, visit KSV's Pitches For Good webpage.

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