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A CMO's Innovation Wish List

KSV's mission is to help Fortune 100 companies remain competitve through innovation in marketing, advertising, and compelling digital experiences. To deliver on this promise, we meet with corporate executives throughout the year who tell us about their focus areas and "what keeps them up at night". 

Download "A CMO's Innovation Wish List for 2024"  to learn about the areas that executives are asking KSV to explore in the New Year.

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Learn about the startups shaping the future of commerce and retail.

KSV prepared a list of its favorite startups in this fast-growing tech market in preparation for Collision.

We searched the world for the best startups that use A.I. to improve marketing. They are now at KSV.

We cherry-picked the best events during SXSW and provided our recommendations.

Review the startups we uncovered during our latest scouting expedition in Chicago.

Read about the startups and technologies revolutionizing marketing that featured at CES 2024.

We asked corporate marketers for the issues that keep them up at night. Here's their top five.

Our roundup of the hottest campaigns, the latest tools in Generative AI.

Notable startups and trends in digital innovation for marketers at CES.

Five things to consider when evaluating whether or not a startup is good for your business.

Learn about the martech startups we are tracking at TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco.

Our roundup of the hottest startups we met during New York Tech Week.

Innovation Talks On YouTube

Watch our interview with the CEO & Co-Founder of Zappar, as we discuss how his product Zapvision is helping provide the nearly 315 million people around the world with access to product information through an accessability enabled QR code.

Watch our interview with Waleed Elgindy, Head of Brand & Creative Strategy at Google Cloud. Waleed shares the importance of building brand trust in the age of Generative A.I.

Watch our interview with Mariya Zorotovich, KSV Corporate Council member and Intel executive. In this talk Mariya compares and contrasts coroporate innovation models.

In this talk we interview Scott Larson, the Head of Creative at Salesforce. Salesforce has truly broken the mold for technology marketing by using the power of brand and storytelling to humanize its products.

In this talk you’ll hear from and Caiming Xiong, AI research lead at Salesforce. We discuss the development of Large Action Models (LAM) and why they are the future of AI and so much more.

Learn how Reckitt and Zappi work together to harness insights to create a more innovative and informed marketing organization.

In this talk we interview with Waleed Elgindy, the Global Head of Brand & Creative Strategy for Google Cloud. We discuss Waleed's career journey from agency life to corporate marketer for the biggest brands in finance and tech. 

How one of the world's leading animation and live-action content production studios creates a culture of creativity.

In this talk, we discuss the importance of having an ecosystem mindset when putting the consumer at the heart of your digital marketing strategy.

KSV caught up with the Founder and Creative Director of Ataboy Studios in downtown Cannes to discuss how they use Generative AI to enhance the creative process. 

Meet the founder of twigBIG, an emerging and fast-growing social video marketplace that is generating sales through WoM for major beauty brands.

Join our interview with the CEO of Arbeon, a South Korea-based startup that has created a new AR-based social media platform.  Content coming soon.

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Are you a brand-side innovation executive with a great story to contribute to our community? KSV would love to hear from you! Send us a short description of you, your company, and tell us about your inspiring and educational work. Please note that KSV only accepts speaking opportunities from brand-side marketers or agency owners who are part of the KSV network.

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