Innovation Services

Innovations For A Modern Marketing Organization

We Scout For Innovation That Matters To Marketers

KSV curates startups and emerging technologies that represent the future of marketing. Evolve your marketing stack and gain competitive advantage with unique and proprietary solutions that are being offered by startup and emerging businesses.

Through The Lens Of Your Customer's Experience

At KSV, we like to say "Win the experience, win the customer." We take this approach to heart with our clients by ensuring that any proposed innovation is making a meaningful contribution to the customer's experience. We work with our clients' defined custmer segments and journeys or will recommend one of our research partners to create one for you.

Unlock New Revenue Opportunities

Finding and alleviating pain-points in a customer journey isn't simply about minimizing negative sentiment; it is also about unlocking new revenue opportunities. KSV will run an assessment of your current consumer journey, identify pain-points to be addressed, and find revenue-generating moments where new products and services may be introduced.

KSV's Corporate Innovation Day

Inspire and educate your executive leadership with startup innovation

Offer your employees an exciting and educational event that's hosted on-site or at a venue of your choosing. Hear pitches by startup founders and workshop with KSV to turn insights into action for your company.

Always-On Innovation As A Service

With KSV, your company gains its very own "marketing innovation department".  KSV monitors your industry and focus areas as well as the marketing services industry for the hottest startups that are impacting your business.



& Scoring

Testing & Validation



Always-On Monitoring

With KSV, you never miss-out on the startups that are encroaching on your industry. There are simply too many VC newsletters, conferences, and accelerators to keep ahead of innovations that are bubbling-up in cities around the world today. 

With KSV, you have your very own curation of startups presented to you each month. We monitor startup activities around the world so that you never miss an opportunity or an industry disruptor. We scan, curate, and evaluate startups we meet at conferences, review dozens of daily investor newsletters, trade press, and search BI platforms in our quest for the latest innovation.

Always-on pipelines:

Evaluation & Scoring

From these three sources, we conduct an initial evaluation and curate the very best that warrant a deeper analysis. With our “shortlist” ready; we interview each founder, their clients and/or VC’s, and score each startup using KSV's scorecard. These findings are shared with you before our monthly "pitch event" when Founders present their capabilities to your company.

A startup pitch event each month for your company:

Testing & Validation (aka: "Sandbox")

KSV offers a “brand safe” proving ground for any startup or technology you are considering working with. Our team will analyze the technology and share our findings and recommendations before your brand or company is engaged. From data and privacy standards to technical performance and ROI, your team will gain thorough knowledge to make a decision on whether or not to proceed with a pilot.

A risk-free space to test and protect your brand:

Brand-Ready Pilot

If you choose to move forward, KSV is available to provide ongoing project management for your brand’s pilot. From defining clear KPIs to maintaining constant communication before, during, and after the pilot launch, we are here to monitor the success of any pilot activity. Once completed, we will share a summary and recommendation for you and your team.

When your brand is ready, we're here for that too: