AI-powered social media intelligence platform.

About ViralMoment

We see social video differently and use AI-powered insights to cut through the algorithm fog. With us, you see trends before they emerge. We are not your grandma's social listening tool.

We're an AI-powered, machine learning-driven, B2B SaaS social intelligence platform. We specialize in demystifying social video platforms like TikTok. We go beyond hashtags and dive deep into content inside videos, which is influencing your audience's beliefs, behaviors, and purchasing decisions.

Unlike traditional tools, our platform uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence to unlock key metrics in social video that others don't. We empower your content strategy, remove algorithm fog, and let you grasp the full power of social video.

Experience Highlights

We've worked with clients, including Coca-Cola, Disney, Warner Bros, NBCUniversal, and Delta, that trust us to provide smarter social measurement tools. We're rooted in Techstars, Stanford and Carnegie Mellon, cornerstones that have enriched our commitment to innovation, empowerment, creativity, and collaboration.

When To Hire

Whether you're an Insights Director, CMO, Social Media Lead, or working in any role related to social intelligence, social listening or social analytics, we're here to help you see the bigger picture in ways others can't.

ViralMoment is more powerful than 1,000 analysts looking at consumer insight happening at the speed of social. Don’t miss brand sparks, mentions, influencers, or trends happening frame by frame inside the millions of videos created every day.

About The Platform

TikTok Viral Beauty Trends & Products

TikTok's most popular beauty products are fueled by massive trends that drive outsized demand!

AI Intelligence solution ViralMoment watches hundreds of thousands of videos so that industry decision-makers know precisely what is trending, which products are used, and what is mentioned in videos – at scale. 

ViralMoment's AI chatbot, Clue, can be used to ask questions and save users thousands of hours to see what's moving the needle on social in beauty in an instant. As fall crisps up into the colder months, here are the beauty trends making cult-favorite products go viral. Let's dive in!

Watch Company Pitch

Watch Founder Pitch 

Watch a brief company overview of ViralMoment by CEO, Chelsie Hall. Recorded live during KSV's A.I. Marketing innovation Summit.

Competitor Social Media Benchmarking

Case Study: Delta Airlines

Media Monitoring for Customer Response Teams

Triage between customer service, customer success, customer experience, and field services can be challenging! Identify audio, overlay, and embedded objects fast to avoid negative PR or brand risk.

Why KSV & ViralMoment?

King Street Ventures "KSV" is an innovation consultancy based in San Francisco that advises Chief Marketing Officers at Fortune 500 companies. We bring the hottest startups in digital marketing, advertising, and customer experience to our clients.

ViralMoment is a startup that helps brands monitor social media content through visual object detections. KSV is continually searching for new social media insight solutions, and we were impressed by VM's usage of AI to classifying content in a way that reveals insights into both brand reputation and virality.