Earn rewards for changing the world!

About ValuesCo

ValuesCo empowers communities to inspire action and engagement through rewards-driven experiences.

By incentivizing actions that have true value for both people and planet, we can redefine economics to create a better world.

‍ValuesCo was born out of a desire to live in new stories. To create new ways for humans to exchange value by providing the tools needed to create what’s possible for our collective future.

Aligning Value With Values

ValuesCo is for brands, nonprofits, and creators who want to inspire positive action within their community. We enable rewards ecosystems for good, so that together we can create a just, regenerative future.  


The platform has been used by watersports brand Starboard to incentivize cleanup of over 770,000 pounds of ocean plastic, AfrofutureDAO to drive $1.1 Million to African history preservation, Christie’s to launch a social token experience, and the first two nonprofits to launch rewards tokens – youth climate-focused OneUpAction’s debuted at Billie Eilish’s 2022 tour.

ValuesCo Empowers Brands To Reward Purpose-Driven Customer Action Using Web3: $2.7M Raise, Working With Advertising Giants.

The Art of Web3 Storytelling With ValuesCo Founder, Andrew Berkowitz

How This New Media Platform Works With Brands, Non Profits And Creators To Turn Purpose Into Action


For Brands


Launch collective action campaigns that drive viral engagement, acquire first party data, & build evergreen community.

Featured Work: GenZero

Deepen Engagement

Foster authentic connection and brand loyalty by aligning with your audience

Gamified Experiences

A low-risk, test & learn way to launch impactful Web3 marketing campaigns


Immersive collective action experiences for your community.

Prompt measurable action aligned with your ESG goals

Catalyze a flywheel of high quality user-generated content

Create participatory marketing  that fuels brand storytelling

Watch CEO & Co-Founder, Andrew Berkowitz present ValuesCo during KSV's Connected Commerce Summit | Recorded May 09 & 10, 2024

Case Study: Blue Tiki


Starboard's Blue Tiki token ($BTIKI) unlocks exclusive discounts, private events, and membership benefits within Starboard and SOMWR’s global water sports community. Tokens can be redeemed for a variety of digital and real world offerings.

Why KSV & ValuesCo?

King Street Ventures "KSV" is an innovation consultancy based in San Francisco that advises Chief Marketing Officers at Fortune 500 companies. We bring the hottest startups in digital marketing, advertising, and customer experience to our clients.

ValuesCo  offers marketers the ability to incentivize consumer activities that support social and environmental causes that align with their brand's sustainability mission and values. KSV selected ValuesCo for its work with major companies such as TIME, and innovative useage of web3 tokens as incentives for taking actions that improve our world.