Uptok is re-humanizing digital commerce with 1-to-1 video.  

About Uptok

Conduct face-to-face video consultations with the highest-intent customers on your website without the hassle of scheduling. Conduct demos, offer help, generate leads and close deals — all face-to-face, all in the moment.

Platform Features:

3 Reasons Why Uptok Crushes The Competition

Uptok enables 1-on-1 video shopping sessions with the highest-intent shoppers on e-commerce shops or B2B sales sites. It is by far the best video commerce solution compared to any other options because:

Uptok is human-first

No clunky chatbots. No forms to fill. No gimmicks. Your shoppers will talk to your salesperson without jumping through hoops.

Uptok is customizable for enterprises

Uptok offers extensive integration options for all CRM and E-commerce ecosystems. The platform is modular and our team is equipped to partner with enterprise teams along the whole journey. 

Uptok is intelligent 

Unlike competitors, our AI-driven algorithms is designed to maximize face-time between the right salesperson and the next most serious shopper in real-time.

Uptok TV
A video gallery of Uptok featuring Human-to-Human vlog episodes, success stories and through provoking ideas from our team.

Popular Use-Cases

Video Commerce

Conduct 1-on-1 video shopping consultations with the most serious shoppers on the website. 

Increase revenue with higher conversion and improved average order value. Cross-sell, upsell and combat cart abandonment.

Video Lead Generation

Turn anonymous visitors into warm leads with a face-to-face conversation. 

Pre-qualify potential high-value customers. Configure, price, quote or just book the next meeting.

Video Clienteling

Treat your most valued customers exclusively with a human-first digital experience. 

Greet them by name and serve face-to-face. Offer a premium, white-glove service to luxury brand customers.

Curated Virtual Consultations

After all, the best digital experience is a human experience. 

Increase your customer lifetime value with high-touch video sessions as they browse through your website.

The Ultimate Persuasion Station

Thought Leadership

The Virtual VIP Treatment: Elevating the Online Luxury Experience

When you're shelling out big bucks on luxury products, it's not just about the material things, it's about the experience, the brand, the storytelling – the whole shebang. 

Luxury consumers want that white glove treatment because they crave more than just a product. Consumers who buy luxury products are not just looking for a fancy shmancy item. They want an experience that's as premium as the product itself. They want to feel like they matter, that they're special, and that they're part of an exclusive club. They're not just investing in a piece of jewelry or a designer bag; they're investing in a status symbol, an identity, and an emotion.

Account-Based Marketing Tactics: From Personalization to Personas

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is a targeted approach in B2B marketing that focuses on building personalized, relationship-driven strategies for specific high-value accounts. 

Key elements like personalization, eye contact, and account personas are essential in enhancing engagement, fostering trust, and ensuring a significant return on investment (ROI)..

About Uptok

UPTOK is the world's first and most advanced video chat platform for online shops. It is designed for remote salespeople to conduct 1-on-1 shopping sessions remotely. You can demo products, make suggestions, and even offer discounts seamlessly. Our intelligent algorithm is designed to maximize face time with your most active shoppers on busy days and slow spans.

Watch Uptok's Founder & CEO, Kashif Zaman present during KSV's Connected Commerce Summit | Recorded May 09 & 10, 2024

Success Stories

Mission Dispensaries

Bringing the dispensary to living rooms of cannabis customers

Uptok, a premier video commerce startup based in Chicago,  partners with a highly innovative cannabis operator, Mission Dispensaries, to pilot the ultimate online human-to-human shopping experience for cannabis customers. 

The results are game-changing for the future of Cannabis shopping.

"One of the things we were most looking forward to in this promotion was really getting to know our customers on a closer level providing more consultation opportunities with them.

This really gave them (budtenders) a personal approach that they hadn't been able to provide before. We were really excited to provide that to them!" 

Kristie Shaw, VP Store Operations, Mission Dispensaries


Personalization gone hyper-personal for B2B bulk orders

In a niche market like custom candy, JustCandy understood the necessity of converting on each interaction. To accomplish this, they needed to find innovative ways to address customers' needs, assist them in making informed purchases, and ground everything in an exceptional customer experience. 

JustCandy's offerings are extensive and highly customizable, particularly for large B2B orders.

"As a customer experience professional, using video allows you to experience the human element behind the analytics, and makes the job even more meaningful.

The Uptok team was helpful in getting us up and running so that our team was quickly able to assist customers across their journey with JustCandy."

Lindsay Lawson, CX & Sales  - JustCandy


A health revolution with the human spirit at its core

ProLon is revolutionizing the video commerce landscape in Italy, by elevating their service to be as technologically advanced as their products. 

Recognizing the value of personalized nutrition consultations for both prospective and current customers, the company sought to expand their reach and enhance the effectiveness of these interactions. Each customer’s health journey is unique, and their brand experience should be too.

"Uptok's video technology has enabled us to realize our mission by helping our customers with personalized expert advice from initial consideration to purchase and throughout their journey. 

We are excited about the prospects of our strategic partnership with Uptok in bringing our value proposition to life, at a whole different level of human-to-human customer engagement."

Andrea Ghirardi, CEO & President, L-Nutra Europe

Uptok's intent awareness technology is very powerful in serving customers who need help with their last minute questions before making the leap to conversion.”

Erik Mandell — CEO - Just Candy

Why KSV & Uptok?

King Street Ventures "KSV" is an innovation consultancy that advises Chief Marketing Officers at Fortune 500 companies. We bring the hottest startups in digital marketing, advertising, and customer experience to our corporate clients.

Uptok is the world's leading 1-on-1 video platform for brands that engage and sell consumers online. KSV selected Uptok for its superior platform technology which uses intent data to score in-bound site visitors. Uptok also possesses one of the most robust platforms for informing sales and customer support leads with the right data at the right time to close a deal or provide personalized customer serivce.