Autonomous digital human platform for customer interactions.

About UneeQ

UneeQ is an intelligent AI interface company, developing the most advanced autonomous digital human platform available for customer interactions – today and in tomorrow’s metaverse.

Our mission is to deliver digital human experiences that excel in marketing, sales and service roles – reducing complexity, improving conversions and creating memorable customer moments for brands.

Powered by generative AI, digital humans represent your brand online, communicating with customers in real time to give them confidence in their purchases.

Making your brand feel more alive

Synanim is UneeQ’s proprietary synthetic animation system for digital humans, based on the brain’s neural network. This means you can:

Beautiful conversational AI experiences

Synapse is UneeQ's proprietary feature controls:

8 things you (probably) didn't know a digital human could do in 2024

We bet you don't know all eight of these modern advancements in digital human technology – or do you?

Forget what you know about staff training. The future is here – and it’s immersive

Corporate learning and development (L&D) has accelerated at breakneck speed – and for the better, thanks to AI.

AI with personality? UneeQ unveils futuristic synthetic animation system – Synanim

Synanim, short for synthetic animation, is a revolutionary system that empowers AI digital humans to express themselves with unprecedented realism and believability – expressions from concern to delight –empowering AI to act more akin to how real people do.



Create Confident Customers

Dialogs over monologs

Ask your visitors what they want, and then serve it to them. 

Matching over searching

Digital humans make product recommendations based on deep industry knowledge.

Personalized AI

Create immersive experiences that outperform flat websites of the past.


Remove Doubt & Boost Conversion

Provide customers with the information, the expertise and the confidence they need to make previously intimidating online purchases.

When 95% of purchasing decisions are emotional, give people a friendly, informative and fun conversion experience.


Simplify Customer Journeys

The most natural user interface

Guide your customers to everything they’re looking for through simple and natural AI conversation.

Support in 70+ languages

Multilingual support allows your AI avatars to speak in your customer’s language, naturally.

Bolster your investments

Integrate ChatGPT, LLMs, generative AI, your RPA, chatbot and countless other AI tools and get more from your investments.

Introducing Uria

Making of a Digital Human

Meet Yuria, the face of UneeQ in Japan. Take a look at the exciting digital human design process, and how distinct personalities like Yuria come to life on the UneeQ platform.

Introducing Synanim

Synanim – short for synthetic animation – empowers AI digital humans to express themselves with unprecedented realism and believability.

UneeQ's synthetic animation system for digital humans

Synanim, short for synthetic animation, is a revolutionary system that empowers AI digital humans to express themselves with unprecedented realism and believability – expressions from concern to delight –empowering AI to act more akin to how real people do.

Accompanying the huge array of nuanced facial expressions, digital humans can use body language, hand gestures and other physical expressions. This allows digital humans to show off their personality, and make conversing with the lifelike AI avatars significantly more immersive.

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Case Study: Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways: Qverse

Qatar Airways, a trailblazer in the aviation industry and multiple award-winner, has collaborated with UneeQ, a pioneer in digital human technology, to launch Sama 2.0, the first full-production artificially intelligent digital human in the airline industry. Complete with her own backstory, including her childhood in Doha and training as a flight attendant for Qatar, Sama (meaning ‘sky’ in Arabic) is a proud ambassador.

She made her debut at the prestigious ITB conference, the travel trade show in Berlin, Germany, on March 5, showcasing a new era in customer experience and interaction in air travel. At the ITB conference, Sama will be a central feature, interacting with attendees, and media, and even engaging in games with visitors. Following the event, she will continue to evolve and train within the Qverse, Qatar Airways’ immersive online platform.

“Qatar Airways remains at the forefront of innovation, enhancing our digital experience with the industry-leading revolution of our virtual cabin-crew." - Babar Rahman, Qatar Airways VP Marketing

Case Study: Kiehl's

Eve is Kiehl’s first AI skincare expert. She guides shoppers to the right products to suit their skin type, all through friendly conversation.


The Kiehl’s story started 170 years ago as an old-world apothecary, rooted in expert skin advice and personal, face-to-face customer care. 

Almost two centuries later, the global skincare brand is investing in the same values. Kiehl’s is conscious of knowing their customers, meeting their ever-evolving needs and providing expert skin advice whenever and wherever it’s desired. It’s this focus that led them to digital humans.


We designed Eve with the Kiehl’s brand in mind. She embodies the approachability and professionalism of their team. The typical customer journey starts when shoppers approach one of the kiosks in the Kiehl’s store. 

As the first digital skincare expert, she speaks, listens and interacts with people to assess their skin type. She can then guide them towards a personalized skincare routine, and explain the ins and outs of the product recommendations.

“The possibilities for brand connection with Eve really are limitless. I’m excited about the future of skincare and Kiehl’s within the metaverse.”
- Mitch Goodall - L’Oreal Group

Trusted By Leading Brands

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Why KSV & UneeQ?

King Street Ventures "KSV" is an innovation consultancy based in San Francisco that advises Chief Marketing Officers at Fortune 500 companies. We bring the hottest startups in digital marketing, advertising, and customer experience to our clients.

UneeQ provides brands with synthetic, realistic avatars that are best in class for conversational sales and support agents. KSV selected UneeQ for combining both photo-realistic avatar human designs with intelligent "Chat GPT" capabilities that process responses fast and intelligently.