TYB is a play-to-earn community platform for brands and their customers.  

About TYB

TYB (Try Your Best) is a play-to-earn community management platform that allows brands to directly connect with, engage, and reward fans for taking valuable actions.


Case Study - 54 Thrones

By activating the "Shea Bae" Insider Community, the clean beauty brand gathered content that not only reflected their core audience, but performed better. The result? They sold out of their Cloud Cream at Sephora!

Vogue Business - April, 2022

Shopify merchants can now build web3 rewards programs in-platform with TYB.

CoinDesk  - March, 2023
Web3 community and brand management platform Try Your Best (TYB) is joining leading e-commerce provider Shopify’s app store, allowing its roster of brands to connect a TYB widget to their Shopify checkout experience.

How It Works

Acquire & Onboard 

Build a customer loyalty program that is personalized, scalable & meaningful. Create free & earned memberships in one place, with perks as unique as your customers.

Engage & Reward

Supercharge engagement by prompting and automatically rewarding your community for a variety of actions they take every day.

Redeem & Retain

Create life-time customers with seamless redemption perks.

TYB Core Loops

KSV's Overview

TYB In The Media

Ty Haney - Co-Founder & CEO, Try Your Best

Try Your Best (TYB) swaps Instagram for Web3 to connect brands and customers

The Web3 venture takes Ty Haney’s learnings from Outdoor Voices to create avenues for brands and consumers to connect directly — and reward the latter for engagement — while removing the complexities of blockchain tech.

To Ty Haney, community building is at the heart of brand success. She’s using what she learned as the founder of activewear brand Outdoor Voices to test this theory with her new Web3 on-chain loyalty and community management platform Try Your Best (TYB), which uses blockchain technology to strengthen the relationship between brand and customer.

TYB powers The Outset's Member Community

“If we can get customers to make repeat purchases and tell their friends, that’s where the real lifetime value is,” Scarlett Johansson, Co-Founder of The Outset told Fast Company.

TYB is powering The Outset's community of Insiders to do just that. Scarlett invited members to join in with a personalized video!

On TYB, members get access to The Outset team (yes, Scarjo included) & can contribute to the brand by making UGC, providing product feedback & sharing reviews. In return, participants earn rewards that redeem for perks on The Outset's website.

Through our platform, brands like The Outset can action, reward & measure their community, all while having ownership over the channel.

It's a win-win, where community engagement pays off for fans & brands. Brands on TYB find they have 6.5%  higher LTV amongst TYB members vs non-TYB members

In the words of The Outset co-founder & CEO Kate Foster Lengyel "We are excited to partner with TYB to deepen our connection with our most passionate community members. 
We look forward to learning from them and having a little fun along the way."

Scarlett Johansson - Co-Founder of The Outset

Athleisure icon Ty Haney Raises $9.8M in funding for TYB

Outdoor Voices founder Ty Haney made a name for herself by making sportswear the hottest trend among non-athletes. Now, the 33-year-old entrepreneur is betting she can bring together another underrated duo — consumer brands and crypto.

Haney joined TechCrunch’s Chain Reaction podcast this week to talk about her latest venture, Try Your Best (TYB). The startup uses blockchain technology to help brands build customer loyalty without having to rely on buying up pricey ads on third-party social media platforms, Haney explained.

Figlia Partners with TYB: Using Web3 to Build a Community Around Non-Alcoholic Beverages

The partnership between TYB and Figlia will be officially kicking off on April 26th, with a strong focus on community building through engagement and rewards. 

Users will be able to access Figlia's world on TYB by obtaining a free digital collectible, a play on the infamous Coors Light ad. The collectibles will allow users to join the chat, view challenges, and receive event invitations.

“Token-gating is the next frontier of loyalty and buyer engagement, and we’re thrilled to see TYB, founded by a team that has built multiple brands themselves, come to life for merchants everywhere.”

— Alex Danco, Director of Product at Shopify

Webinars With TYB

In this talk, you’ll hear from the Chief Operating Officer at TYB, a community rewards platform that leverages gamification to unlock fan engagement while boosting loyalty and sales. You’ll learn how they partnered up with Way, a fast-growing skincare brand owned by Procter & Gamble and how their partnership has unlocked rich insights while delivering upon the brand’s legacy of rewarding its most loyal fans. 

Watch COO, Breana Teubner present TYB during KSV's Connected Commerce Summit | Recorded May 09 & 10, 2024

Case Studies

The Outset 

Uses TYB to turn fandom into brand love & loyalty. 

Exercise Snacks 

Used TYB Events to activate their online community IRL, growing the community as a result.


Built a next gen brand with community as a core tenet,  creating 2x more valuable customers for life while raising $110k in pre-funding.


Utilized TYB to co-create a product with their customers, leading to 90% of the previously planned production run being sold immediately.


Increased retail sales and session length to 14 minutes with TYB.


Built and democratized the new ambassador community, increasing community growth by 300% and engagement by 8x.

Participating Brands

Commonly Asked Questions

How do I join as a brand?

Fill out this form to get in touch and learn more.

Is there a right way to use TYB?

TYB’s mission is to give brands the tools to have deeper, more meaningful engagements with fans and consumers (your community). Who you invite depends on your goals, and what you hope to get out of these more meaningful connections, but we’ve compiled some case studies that might help you get started and can help you pick the perfect strategy based on best practices prior to your launch on TYB — get in touch!

Will TYB replace my existing influencer program?

We’ve seen great success replacing existing influencer or ambassador programs with our partners, since we offer a one stop shop for everything from chat to social sharing validation and rewards to redemption. This means that anyone with a phone can be an ambassador or creator, creating a democratized, scalable program.

Why KSV & TYB?

King Street Ventures "KSV" is an innovation consultancy that advises Chief Marketing Officers at Fortune 500 companies. We bring the hottest startups in digital marketing, advertising, and customer experience to our corporate clients.

TYB provides e-commerce brands with an entirely new way of selling their products through local retailers. It's an amazing idea that we believe will revolutionize way that products are sold. We selected for its unique and disruptive technology and for the results that brands are achieving by using its platform.