Stylebot is an AI-powered fashion stylist in the palm of your hand.

About Stylebot

Stylebot is a mobile service that solves your outfit-of-the-day concerns with your clothes. 

Statistics show that 40% of the clothes in our closet are never worn. Stylebot gives you ideas on how to mix and match clothes. When you take a picture of clothes with your smartphone using the Stylebot app, it is automatically categorized and saved, and the image is automatically processed with AI technology. 

Through the coordination recommendation algorithm, a lot of coordination styles are created, and show them as virtual fittings on your avatar. Stylebot helps reuse your existing clothes and make a better, more informed purchase!

Opportunity For Retailers

Gain rich and valuable data on your customers' own clothing preferences and make outfit suggestions that are matched to the clothing in their own closet. Upload your own inventory and let your customers mix-and-match with previously purchased items from your brand, as well as other clothing they already own. Inspire your customers with AI-recommended outfits with Stylebot's own AI stylist.

Stylebot App Overview

Stylebot is a new fashion platform service that helps create valuable coexistence between consumers and brands .


Manage your clothes online

Manage your clothes easily with Stylebot App. Check your clothes at once! If you buy clothes through Stylebot, we auto-save them to your virtual closet.

Style your own avatar

Choose your own avatar and enjoy personal styling service.

Mix-and-match with your own clothes and new products

Private Fitting room service Dress up your avatar and make your own styling! If you are wondering whether to buy product, try our fitting room service.

Perfect product recommendation matches

Mix-match styling with my clothes and new products.

Your own personal style planner

Plan what to wear in the style planner. Simply save your daily outfit in the planner and we will send you a styling notice.

Create and share your own fashion Look Book

Share you style feeds to Look Book! You can communicate with others and also increase the followers.

Download And Try Stylebot

Take a picture of the clothes in my closet and put them in a virtual closet. Easily coordinate and find your true style by coordinating designer brand clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories recommended.

Why KSV & Stylebot?

King Street Ventures "KSV" is an innovation consultancy based in San Francisco that advises Chief Marketing Officers at Fortune 500 companies. We bring the hottest startups in digital marketing, advertising, and customer experience to our clients.

Stylebot  offers retailers with an AI-enabled personal stylist for their consumers that provides product recommendations based on a user's own wardrobe. They also help retailers curate their own brand-approved "look books" using available inventory in the store, through in-store scanning. KSV selected Stylebot for its consumer-facing "Stylebot" app and how it helps retailers recommend clothing for sale that's best for what a consumer has in their own closet.