Prescient AI enables DTC marketers to make data-driven decisions in less time to generate more revenue.

Prescient AI

What if you could predict the success of your campaigns with such accuracy that you know your profit margins before advertising your product? Now, what if you could do that while maintaining the privacy of your customers? 

What They Do

Prescient's platform helps brands measure, forecast, optimize, and continuously backtest marketing funnels with meticulous accuracy.

Prescient uses probabilistic models to predict channel attribution with astonishing accuracy, doing away with the need for pixel tracking and cookies.  Stop relying on Facebook and Google and leverage the power of your own 1st party data.

Your 1st party data warehouse is created in 10 minutes, for free. Within 30 minutes, all of your first party data will be training Prescient AI's customized models within your private data warehouse.

These models have proven successful at determining channel attribution with  levels of accuracy over 96%*.


(1) Accurate attribution without relying on cookies & pixels  

(2) Creates a  privacy-first environment for your consumers
(3) Test against existing ad platforms to find out for yourself

How To Get Started

Prescient AI is working with a limited number of companies while in Beta. KSV has been granted the opportunity to bring a select number of brands to Prescient AI for a free beta trial. Supply is limited, so we urge you to set a meeting as soon as possible to determine if your brand qualifies.

(1) Click below and schedule a qualifying meeting with KSV
(2) Once approved, you can engage in a free  trial period

*Prescient successfully backtested & optimized for ROAS, and predicted the performance of a #1 Billboard track based on our marketing mix recommendation. Accuracy was determined to be 96.3%.

“Facebook’s pixel and cookies are going away, and marketers are having a tremendous challenge to understand how their marketing is impacting their sales.

Our mission is to simplify the inherent complexities of the cookie-less world to grow brands profitably. It’s a really interesting area, and we’re poised to become the front runner in solving this problem." 

- CEO Michael True

Why KSV & Prescient AI?

King Street Ventures "KSV" is an innovation consultancy based in San Francisco that advises Chief Marketing Officers at Fortune 500 companies. We bring the hottest startups in digital marketing, advertising, and customer experience to our clients.

Prescient AI is a startup that KSV has carefully vetted and approved to join its startup network for having demonstrated powerful, new technology for creating more effective performance media.