Generative AI Customer Support Automation Solution.

About Kodif

KODIF is a Generative AI Customer Support Automation solution. Empower your customers to self-resolve their issues with self-service powered by Generative AI. Streamline your agent workflows and turn multiple tabs into a one-click action. Supercharge your agents with auto-generated responses based on contextual data and your unique brand identity. 



Why Kodif?

Mastering Support Team Upscaling with AI

Mastering the 5 A’s of exceptional customer engagement

The Startup Smoothie Podcast with Chyngyz Dzhumanazarov, Co-Founder and CEO at Kodif

Artificial Intelligence has been making waves in various industries, and customer support is no exception. The potential of AI in disrupting and transforming the customer support landscape has been a hot topic of discussion. 

Overview of Kodif

GenAI Chatbot

Customize our chatbot with your brand’s voice to strengthen your identity and connect better with customers. Improve CSAT by providing immediate and relevant responses to your customers.

AI Agent Co-pilot

All the knowledge and actions at the agent's finger tips. Automate your workflows and save time to drive better consumer experience at scale.

Omni-channel Self-service

With our seamless and user-friendly interface, your customers can effortlessly find answers and resolve issues efficiently, through any channel they prefer.

Kodif Copilot Demo

AI Agent Copilot is a Generative AI Agent trained on your support data that can take actions on behalf of agents and customers. This demo was done at Freightwaves F3 Conferences in November 2023.

Industry Use Cases

Logistics & Supply Chain

Revolutionize Logistics and Supply Chain Support with Kodif AI Automation. With our CX solutions tailored for logistics industry, customer support agent mistakes are reduced, onboarding is quickened, and overall productivity is boosted.

The proven impact of AI automation on
the logistics industry


With our seamless and user-friendly interface, your customers can effortlessly find answers and resolve issues efficiently, through any channel they prefer.

Boost your agent productivity by 40% with AI-powered Agent Copilot

E-commerce and Retail

Elevate, Scale, and Transform Customer Experience with AI-powered solutions tailored for e-commerce and retail support teams.
Resolve Common Use Cases and Ensures Consistent Customer Experiences

Featured Clients

Success Stories

GoodEggs reduces Average Handle Time by 40% increasing productivity of their support team using Kodif's low-code CX platform.

ReserveBar reached 93% CSAT and saved 850 CX agent hours within 2 months of using Kodif’s low-code CX platform.

ByteApp automated the refund experience and reduced customer support expenses by 45% and improved CSAT from 65% to 90%.

Watch Webinar With Nom Nom

Learn how Nom Nom and Kodif teamed-up to dramatically improve customer support experiences with Kodif's A.I. enabled solution.

Watch Founder Pitch

Watch KODIF Co-Founder, Mike Zayonc present his company during KSV's A.I. Marketing Innovation Summit.

Why KSV & Kodif?

King Street Ventures "KSV" is an innovation consultancy that advises Chief Marketing Officers at Fortune 500 companies. We bring the hottest startups in digital marketing, advertising, and customer experience to our corporate clients.

Kodif's low-code solution provides brands with the ability to improve customer service experiences. KSV recommends Kodif for its outstanding platform and use-cases of Generative AI technology, client testimonials, and demonstrated ROI metrics.