Instreamatic enables video & audio ad optimization via unlimited a/b testing and creative personalization.

About Instreamatic

Instreamatic enables video & audio ad optimization via unlimited a/b testing and creative personalization.

Instreamatic enables video & audio ad optimization via unlimited a/b testing and creative personalization. We utilize approved video assets, such as existing video ads, to develop new video ad concepts. Each concept is tailored for further personalization significantly increasing campaign performance at a lower cost.

Unmatched Personalization

Experience a staggering boost in product favorability (18-22 points), purchase intent (10-18 points), and brand awareness (6-12 points) with ads that resonate deeply with each audience segment *

Cost Efficiency

Say goodbye to the traditional high costs of ad personalization. Our technology enables enhanced ad performance coupled with reduced costs.

Rapid, Scalable Ad Creation

Instreamatic's AI, generates an unlimited number of personalized ads quickly and affordably, enabling performance at scale for your campaign. 

Comprehensive Platform Coverage

Streamlined process from concept to campaign activation. Use our prototyping tools for sales demonstrations and enjoy a significantly optimized ad production journey

Advanced AI Capabilities

Let our AI and ACO feature handle ad creation, allowing for unlimited A/B testing and the continuous optimization of your campaign based on real-time performance data once it has launched

*actual case-study December ’23 national campaign with a leading IT brand. 

Deliver personalized ads at scale

2023 KSV Award Winner For Generative AI

Driven by Instreamatic’s powerful Voice AI platform, Contextual Audio Ads can automatically create unlimited ad variations to precisely match the listener’s current context.

Your consumers talk with your brand with Voice Ads

Imagine having an advertisement that turns into a conversation. With Instreamatic, customer engagement is taken to a whole new level with its True Voice AI platform. 

Personalize your television advertising

Generate thousands of contextualized videos for your next CTV campaign.

Instreamatic generates a unique video ad-serving template (VAST) tag for each audio track so that advertisers can traffic the creative through any demand-side platform.

Stas Tushinskiy, CEO

"Voice Ads represent a leap forward for advertising. Customers can speak directly with ads and engage in conversation with a brand.

Conversing with a brand via voice ads is a lean-in experience that customers enjoy, leading to higher brand recall rates and a better relationship between brand and customer."

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Watch CEO & Co-Founder Stas Tushinskiy present an overview of Instreamatic during KSV's A.I. Marketing Innovation Summit.

Why KSV & Instreamatic?

King Street Ventures "KSV" is an innovation consultancy based in San Francisco that advises Chief Marketing Officers at Fortune 500 companies. We bring the hottest startups in digital marketing, advertising, and customer experience to our clients.

Instreamatic is revolutionizing audio marketing by creating and delivering hyper-personalized advertising at scale. We selected Instreamatic for its ability to use contextual data to serve ads that are personalized to the individual, with creative relevant creative that's made using Generative AI technology.