AI employees for your marketing organization

About Hiresmart

Harry is an AI employee designed to revolutionize marketing efforts for businesses. Harry specializes in automating and enhancing various marketing tasks, enabling teams to focus on strategic initiatives. 

Equipped with advanced capabilities, Harry excels in creating diverse, engaging content, from texts to visuals, and performs in-depth data analytics to provide actionable insights with precision. 

Beyond routine task automation, Harry offers interactive, real-time collaboration, boosting productivity while ensuring data privacy and security. Ideal for dynamic marketing landscapes, Harry not only streamlines workflows but also sets new trends, offering a competitive edge for businesses looking to lead in their industries. 

With its unique blend of creativity, efficiency, and intelligence, Harry is transforming marketing into an AI-driven domain.

AI Marketing Strategies

Beyond traditional analysis, AI deepens into data, predicting trends and crafting proactive marketing strategies. With Harry, you harness the power of predictive analytics and machine learning to stay ahead of the curve and shape the future of your brand's journey.

Personalization At Scale

The era of generic content is over. Harry enables hyper-personalized marketing campaigns tailored to individual preferences and behaviors, ensuring meaningful engagement and fostering brand loyalty without compromising efficiency or scale.

Unified Marketing Ecosystem

Say goodbye to siloed operations. Harry integrates all marketing facets – from content creation to data analytics – ensuring a cohesive and holistic approach. This integration doesn't just streamline tasks but amplifies their effectiveness, setting the stage for a new age of marketing synergy.

We are ALL depending on data. So we are all depending on Harry!

The next generation of CMO with AI

Why AI is the killer app for accelerating innovation?

Meet Harry; Your AI Employee!

Harry is an AI employee that learns, adapts, and propels your marketing to unparalleled heights. Harrys are expertly trained on your data, with diverse profiles available, adapting and evolving continuously.

Rooms are specifically designed as spaces where AI Harrys and human team members collaborate intensively. This synergy between AI and human intelligence drives innovation, allowing for the generation of ideas that neither could achieve alone.

Company Overview

Watch Founder Pitch

Watch Harry's Chief Futurist Simo Alami present his company during KSV's A.I. Marketing Innovation Summit.

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Why KSV & Hiresmart?

King Street Ventures "KSV" is an innovation consultancy based in San Francisco that advises Chief Marketing Officers at Fortune 500 companies. We bring the hottest startups in digital marketing, advertising, and customer experience to our clients.

Hiresmart  offers marketers the ability to be more efficient and effective through its AI agents they call "Harrys" which are tailored to the specific needs of a marketing organization. KSV is continually scanning the industry to find new ways that AI can be used to imrove marketing operations, and Hiresmart was selected for its experience and growth among Fortune 100 brand marketers.