Measure your media's impact on sales with independent retailer sales data.

About Evidnt

Evidnt integrates independent retail data with brands’ sales channel data, offering a holistic view of sales and media impact to optimize growth strategies.


The retail and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry is in a state of dynamic transformation. While retailers and brands now have access to an expanding amount of data and are challenged with intensifying demands to optimize efficiency and results amidst fragmented sales channels and a lack of real-time performance feedback. This can hamper their ability to effectively connect with customers and evaluate the efficacy of marketing efforts.

We see this evolving landscape as an opportunity to foster growth and innovation. At Evidnt, our mission is to streamline and expedite access to essential data, enabling both retailers and brands to make informed, data-driven decisions. 

By doing so, we can help drive enhanced outcomes for all, facilitating their ability to thrive in this ever-changing market

For Retailers: A Smart Marketplace Platform

In a world of outdated inventory management and distribution platforms, which cost small and medium-sized retailers $152 billion a year, Evidnt offers retailers a Smart Marketplace. 

For Brands:

Leverage real-time insights and precise targeting across all retail channels, integrating your own data for enhanced strategy optimization and sales growth.

Evidnt's Audience Targeting drives 27% increase in Reach for a Every Day Meals Brand

Traditional audience targeting methods rely on outdated data and fail to provide a clear picture of multicultural behaviors and real-time sales impact. 

By using Evidnt’s Audience Targeting platform, a client was able to identify their ideal audience cohort and launch their campaign with precision, leading to significant reach, sales, and cost savings.

Boosting Sales and Engagement Through Effective Targeting and Digital Out-of-Home Advertising

A Ready-To-Eat Entree Brand aimed to enhance brand awareness, engage with buyers, and increase sales. Evidnt’s platform facilitated precise targeting and auto-optimization for sales, achieving significant user engagement and a higher average order value

The campaign achieved a 9x engagement goal and increased the average order value of the Brand’s products, thanks to the effective targeting and optimization capabilities of Evidnt’s platform..


Retailers: The Smart Marketplace

In a world of outdated inventory management and distribution platforms, which cost small and medium-sized retailers $152 billion a year, Evidnt offers retailers a Smart Marketplace. 

Through the Marketplace, retailers can better manage inventory to save money, discover new products to increase revenue, and order directly from brands to compete better.

Brands: Empower Your Growth with Holistic Sales Solution

Evidnt Nexus simplifies retail media management with its SaaS solution. Nexus provides comprehensive insights along with exclusive data from independent retail sectors. 

Nexus empowers brands to unlock the full potential of their data by seamlessly integrating Evidnt's unique independent retailer data with their own sales and media data. 

Gain a holistic view of your performance, make data-driven decisions, and supercharge your growth strategies. 

With Evidnt Nexus, brands can shed the guesswork and gain precise insights into which RMNs are propelling sales and driving performance. 

By consolidating data from all retail partners and channels into a comprehensive view, Evidnt enables you to allocate your media spend where it counts, saving you time and maximizing ROI.

One View of Retail Media Data:

Consolidate data from all retail partners and channels into a comprehensive view.

Unlock Independent Retail:

Evidnt brings unique independent retail data for deep competitive insights, trends, and buying behaviors.

Real-Time Tracking:

Track real-time performance and adjust strategies quickly to optimize ROI and sales outcomes.

A unified sales platform for the Omnichannel Brand

Trusted By Leading Brands & Retailers

Watch Alex Andreyev, Co-Founder & CEO at Evidnt present during KSV's Connected Commerce Summit | Recorded May 09 & 10, 2024

Why KSV & Evidnt?

King Street Ventures "KSV" is an innovation consultancy based in San Francisco that advises Chief Marketing Officers at Fortune 500 companies. We bring the hottest startups in digital marketing, advertising, and customer experience to our clients.

Evidnt provides brands with valuable, local retail data about what is being purchased. This information can be used to help brands determine the effectiveness of their local media campaigns and provide valuable insight into the products being purchased - down to the zip code. KSV selected Evidnt for providing a new source of retail data from over 27,000 local independent retailers.