Arbeon's AR-based social media platform adds a social and digital layer to real-world places and objects, enabling communication and commerce.

About Arbeon

Arbeon is a South Korea-based start-up that is coming to America. They are the creators of Augmented Reality-based social media applications. Their social media app enables communication and commerce in the real world by adding a virtual layer on top of real-world objects and places.

New Social Experiences Through Augmented Reality

Arbeon is a social media service that provides production, consumption, sharing, and recommendation services in augmented reality, through its mobile app. Arbeon's platform lets users communicate right on top of their daily life. 

More Than Social Media

AR Social Media:

Now, every object and space you encounter becomes a precious community where your interests and the opinions of other people are harmonized.

AR Commerce:

Advertisements, product information and comparison, shopping carts, reviews, and direct purchases are possible by simply scanning the objects in front of your eyes. Arbeon provides all of the necessary back-end purchasing processes and helps consumers make purchasing decisions quick and easy.

AR Advertising:

By scanning a product, brand advertisements and product information of various categories are displayed. Consumers add to the pleasure of shopping by seeing the advertisements they want at the moment they want, and businesses can maximize the effect with precisely targeted advertisement exposure. 

AR Cut:

AR Cut enables users to send a congratulatory message to a friend across the globe. With Arbeon, users can create their own unique 3D Assets, AR Emoticons, and Collaboration Characters to be "reborn" as a message to a friend on your precious day.

Instant Recognition:

Arbeon's object recognition technology uses artificial intelligence to identify objects, enabling instant recognition without prior training.

Arbeon Overview

Technology Overview

Arbeon uses AI to detect images without the need for training data. Visit their website for a detailed overview of its core technologies. 

Bae Young Myung / Carlton
CEO at Arbeon

"Arbeon is a platform where users can communicate right on top of their daily life."

Watch our interview with Arbeon's CEO

Watch our interview with Arbeon Founder & CEO Bae Young Myung as he describes the Arbeon platform and why he believes in the future of augmented reality-based social media.  

Why KSV & Arbeon?

King Street Ventures "KSV" is an innovation consultancy based in San Francisco that advises Chief Marketing Officers at Fortune 500 companies. We bring the hottest startups in digital marketing, advertising, and customer experience to our clients.

Arbeon is creating an entirely new way for people to communicate, create, and shop in the real world. We selected Arbeon for its unique and engaging user interface that utilizes Augmented Reality and object detection to create a truly unique social media experience. We believe Arbeon represents a new class of social media platforms focused on AR-based communication & commerce.