KSV Fund

Investing In The Future of Brand Building Solutions

Thomas Dorwart (left), Venture Director & Legal Council
Nick Fuller (right) Founder & CEO, King Street Ventures

King Street Ventures continually scans the world's leading innovation ecosystems for the latest startups in marketing, advertising, and digital experience. Founders are seeking more than just access to capital, they are looking for investors with industry expertise and relationships that can help them reach new clients. 

This is why we created our fund. We are a community of Limited Partners and Corporate Council members united in our mission to bring new innovations to global brands. We offer more than capital, we provide connections and mentorship to help our Founders grow.

KSV Fund 01

Our first fund will invest in emerging marketing and customer experience-related technology companies that will give rise to the next generation of global brands. We are also looking for emerging DTC brands that can grown using the services offered by our network of marketing technology startups and preferred agencies. Our fund is a virtuous wealth creation engine that will thrive on building both existing and emerging global brands.

The KSV Difference

We know that it takes more than capital to grow your business. This is why KSV has created the world's #1 community for marketing innovation. Reaching over 28,000 marketers and a global Corporate Council consisting of the biggest brands and executives in the world, KSV doesn't simply offer financing, we actively generate awareness and deal-flow for your company  through valuable introductions to potential customers.

Investing In Innovative Startups

Limited to early-stage startups and small companies participating in KSV's Preferred Partner Network. Companies will have met our investment criteria and have demonstrated considerable YoY revenue growth. Each startup will undergo a thorough evaluation including a financial audit, management team interviews, and a competitive business analysis.

Startup criteria may include:

Investment territories: 

Target Fund Size & Deployment

We are selecting a group of Limited Partners consisting of experienced agency owners and family offices during Q1 of 2024. Our goal is to begin deploying capital by Q4 of 2024. We will focus on making Seed-Round and Series A investments in qualifying startups in KSV's own network.

King Street Ventures' General Partners have signed the Mensarius Oath of ethical investing, as a pledge of our values to act in an ethical and inclusive manner in our investing activities. 

Companies In The News

Companies in our network are among the fastest-growing in the industry. Read the latest news from their publicly-available announcements on our News page

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