Leading the world in sonic branding and music for global brands.

About MassiveMusic

MassiveMusic, a Songtradr company, is the agency of record for some of the most famous brands in the world. 

As a trusted partner, they deliver everything a brand needs in the field of music, voice and sound. Impactful strategies, sonic brand identities and best-in-class compositions – they create this and much more thanks to their fervent passion for music combined with craftsmanship and scientific research. 

The ultimate goal? 

To make the world sound better, while helping brands and agencies be more effective through the emotional power of sound. Their nifty creators and strategic thinkers can be found in offices and studios around the world. Rumor has it they also throw a massive party every once in a while!

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The Sound of Wikipedia

What should Wikipedia sound like? And who’s behind Wikipedia’s new sonic logo? Here’s what Roscoe Williamson and Zack McCune revealed on stage at the 2023 TNW conference.

Women In Music

Music can be a source of expression and inspiration for so many people. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean it’s always the most inclusive space.

Sound is the most effective tool to capture the attention of your audience, boost distinctiveness and build mental availability. 

Highlight Reel

2023 KSV Best of Award Winner | TikTok Sonic Branding

Featured Clients & Case Studies

Iconic oral care brand Colgate is beloved by many and easily one of the most recognisable brands in the world.

The cultural ubiquity of TikTok, the entertainment platform that is on everyone’s lips – and phones, is undeniable.

From students to working professionals, from inexperienced individuals to trained digital designers – everyone has used Canva at least once in their lives.

Hershey’s Great Candy Expedition is a 5D experience, where visitors go on a virtual train ride through six imaginary lands inspired by Hershey’s most well-known products. 

Beer and music have one thing in common: they bring people together – which is also Heineken®’s call to action. Here’s how we gave life to a brand new music experience for fans.

Haleon, the British healthcare company, is on a mission. After rebranding from GSK Consumer Healthcare to Haleon, their new purpose has become ‘delivering better everyday health for humanity’.

What do you get when you mix orchestral sounds, retro vibes and Greek instruments?

Otherworldly, yet organic. Simultaneously alien and human. That perfectly describes the new spot for The North Face, an outdoor clothing company originally from the United States, but known all over the world.

Think out-of-this-world contemporary. That’s how we would describe the music we composed and produced for this Sony campaign.

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Why KSV and MassiveMusic?

King Street Ventures "KSV" is an innovation consultancy based in San Francisco that advises Chief Marketing Officers at Fortune 500 companies. We bring the hottest startups in digital marketing, advertising, and customer experience to our clients.

MassiveMusic  is known for being a world-leader in sonic branding. KSV selected MassiveMusic for its dominance in the marketplace, global office presence, world-class brand clients, and the complete array of auditory and music services capable of working with brands at any scale.