KSV In Cannes

Thank You For Joining Us In Cannes!

King Street Ventures had an incredible turnout at our company launch events in Cannes, with over 250 marketers attending 6 events. For those of you who joined us, thank you for coming and helping us celebrate! If we didn't happen to see you this year, we hope that you join us at one of many more events we will be attending and/or hosting as we bring innovation in marketing to global brands. 

Attendees Included
Corporate Innovation Council Members, and brand-side senior marketing leaders from over 32 companies.

KSV welcomed its Corporate Innovation Council members and other senior marketing executives for lunch and cocktails by the beach, a short walk from the Palace of Festivals. 

La Plague Du Festival

Attendees Included
GroupBlack · Kingdom of Something · WorkInProgress · L&C NYC · 180 LA · Keynes Digital · Frameplay · Pereira & O'Dell · MH Ventures · Sway Brand · Prescient AI · 1st Ave Machine · Special Guest · WONGDOODY · MediaMint · Supernatural · Ataboy Studios · Atypical

KSV hosted a private dinner among agency and startup founders and friends.

Grill & Wines

Our Founder's Loft was a fantastic success! It was great to meet Founder's in the marketing space and fellow Partners of King Street Venture's growing agency network for an intimate gathering.

Our first "Wine And Tech Mixer" in Cannes and we will definitely be back again next year! Set in a beautiful and iconic wine bar in downtown Cannes, we hosted a mixer for agency founders and friends of KSV.

Marketing Innovation Talks In Cannes

In this talk, we discuss the importance of having an ecosystem mindset when putting the consumer at the heart of your digital marketing strategy. With a variety of new formats available, the ability to create connected experiences both in the car, and during travel are areas that we explore while visiting with marketing strategists at Uber. Join us to learn about how to use these platforms to reach your consumer during their travels.

In this talk, we discuss the importance of having an ecosystem mindset when putting the consumer at the heart of your digital marketing strategy and the approach that TikTok is taking when considering where and when to bring its platform into our daily lives.

In this talk we learn how Reckitt creates an environment for “failing and learning fast” in its pursuit of product and marketing  innovation. We explore the role of Artificial Intelligence in discovering new insights and how Reckitt puts the consumer front-and-center in its process. 

KSV caught up with the Founder and Creative Director of Ataboy Studios in downtown Cannes at our Wine & Tech Mixer to discuss how they use Generative AI to enhance the creative process.

KSV interviews Kingdom of Something Co-Founder, Maxwell Reed in a casual conversation in downtown Cannes during a "Wine & Tech Mixer". We discuss storytelling and how to create an agency culture that produces its best work.

 Our events in Cannes are not affiliated with Cannes Lions Festival.